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Junction Boxes

Convenient, watertight boxes for making wiring splices in the field

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Clarus Environmental’s junction boxes provide a convenient, watertight location to connect the pump and variable level control switch wires used in pump chambers, dose tanks, sump pump basins, holding tanks, and lift stations.  Each junction box includes a NEMA 4X enclosure and a removable cover for easy access to all electrical connections.  Junction boxes are preassembled at the factory and can be ordered with conduit adapters hubs of various sizes for ease of installation.

  • Watertight NEMA 4X enclosure

  • Available in different sizes

  • Available with various conduit adapter hubs

  • Boxes come complete with cord seals



All Clarus Environmental products must be installed and maintained in accordance with all applicable codes.

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Part Number Chart

Part Number Chart
Junction Boxes
Part Number Description
10-1398 4"x4"x4" J-Box w/ 0.75" hub, 4 small cord grips, 1 plug
10-1399 4"x4"x4" J-Box w/ 1.5" hub, 4 small cord grips, 1 plug
10-1402 6"x6"x4" J-Box w/ 1.5" hub, 4 small cord grips, 1 plug
10-1403 6"x6"x4" J-Box w/ 2.0" hub, 5 small cord grips, 1 plug
10-1710 6"x6"x4" J-Box w/ 2.0" hub, 6 small cord grips, 1 plug 

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