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WW1 Effluent Filter

Screens effluent in residential applications with flows up to 1,500 GPD (5.7 m³/day).

Features andBenefits
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Clarus Environmental’s WW1 Effluent Filter helps prolong the life of an onsite system by filtering solids which may cause harm to downstream components such as drain fields.  Used in residential applications where the maximum flow is less than 1,500 gpd (5.7 m³/day), the WW1 filter includes a patented bypass protection sleeve to keep solids in the septic tank during cleaning.  The deep pleated filter design offers highly effective filtering and solids retention.  The filter is available with or without a 4” sanitary tee for easy installation in new or existing septic tanks and comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • Rated for 1,500 gpd (5.7 m³/day)
  • 132 linear feet of 1/16” filtration
  • Fits 4” SCH 40 or DWV Tees
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Integral bypass protection screen
Covered by US Patent Numbers 6,136,190; 6,331,247; 6,495,040.


Available with sanitary tee and filter complete.

State and local plumbing codes may require a specific liquid penetration. For example, 25% - 45% into the liquid depth or 9" off the tank bottom.

All Clarus Environmental products must be installed and maintained in accordance with all applicable codes.

Flow Rate
1,500 GPD (5.7 m³/day) Two or more filters may be connected with a manifold for higher flow applications.
Filter Area
132 linear feet
Filtration Size
All materials are noncorrosive in the septic tank environment. Sleeve is PVC, primary filter is polypropylene and filter connection element is neoprene.
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Part Number Chart

Part Number Chart
WW1 Effluent Filter (1,500 GPD)
Part Number Description
170-0078 WW1 Effluent Filter
170-0079 WW1 Effluent Filter (10 pk)
170-0144 WW1 Effluent Filter w/ 4" sanitary tee
170-0145 WW1 Effluent Filter w/ 4" sanitary tee (10 pk)
10-0623 A-Pak Effluent Filter Alarm
10-1356 A-Pak Effluent Filter Alarm
10-3067 C-Pak Alarm, touch pad w/o float
013216 Replacement filter cartridge
013218 Rubber alignment gasket
Container Assembly
 Part Number  Description
 31-1473   12" Riser extension w/hardware and gasket
 31-1476  6" Riser extension w/hardware and gasket
 170-0078  WW1 Effluent Filter
 170-0144  WW1 Effluent Filter w/4" sanitary tee
 5090-0001  Container assembly w/12" riser and lid

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